Is Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC or Mobile? Which consoles can play the new Fall Guys game? Is Fall Guys cross-platform?

After an extensive closed beta period, Devolver Digital and Mediatonic's new multiplayer game, Fall Guys has finally crash-landed onto gaming platforms!

Becoming a Twitch and Twitter sensation overnight thanks to some great viral marketing and genuinely unique gameplay, described by the developers as 'Massive Online Pandemonium', Fall Guys looks to be the next big party game.

If you're wondering how you can jump into what many have described as Takeshi's Castle: The Game right now, we've got you covered with everything we know about where to play Fall Guys...

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Is Fall Guys on the Switch?

Unfortunately, Fall Guys is not yet available to play on the Switch.

This is confirmed in their official FAQ's, but Mediatonic asks fans to "Please let us know on Twitter and Discord which platforms you'd like us to release on next - we'd love to see how much demand there is."

The now infamous Fall Guys Twitter account confirmed this in a recent Tweet:

A Switch version hasn't fully been ruled out later down the line!

In fact, a recent rumour suggested that there are already references to the Switch in the Fall Guys code - so we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see a Switch release at some point.

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Is Fall Guys on the PS4 or PS5?

Yes! The PS4 is the place to play Fall Guys right now - not only is the game available on Sony's current-gen console, but it's currently free for all members of PlayStation Plus!

Without PlayStation Plus, the game costs £15.99, but given that you need PS+ to play Fall Guys, it seems a no brainer to pick it up this way for now.

As for PS5, Fall Guys' Community Manager responded to a question about the PS5 during a Reddit AMA, stating that "We don't have anything to confirm just yet, but if we were to announce anything in the future, we'd do it via our Twitter and Discord channels!"

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I'm falling in love with this game!

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Is Fall Guys on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

Just like with the Switch, Fall Guys isn't available on the Xbox One yet.

Again, Mediatonic has not yet ruled this out and, if the game is as successful as many think it will be, there's no doubt Devolver Digital will want to get it out to as many players as possible!

As for the Xbox Series X, there's no word on this version yet, but we'd expect that if Fall Guys comes to the Xbox One it'll likely also make its way over to the next-gen console.

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Is Fall Guys on PC? Is it on Steam or Google Stadia?

Fall Guys is now available on PC via Steam, but unlike PlayStation owners excited to jump into the manic battle royale, it won't be available for free.

Fall Guys costs £15.99 for the base version on Steam, or you can buy the Collector's Edition for £22.99, which includes some unique costumes and 10,000 Kudos (Fall Guys' in-game currency).

There are currently no plans to bring Fall Guys to Google Stadia, but it could happen in the future if Google's streaming service takes off!

Is Fall Guys on Mobile?

Fall Guys is not currently playable on mobile devices, but datamined content suggests an iOS or Android version may be coming later on.

Fall Guys leaker, HypeX, alleges that placeholders for iOS and Android can be found inside the game's code. Of course, placeholders like this are found inside code all the time without ever leading to anything, so we'd temper expectations for now.

Also, Fall Guys publisher Mediatonic has confirmed to that a company called Bilibili has picked up the rights to make a Chinese version of the game for mobile devices in China. We don't know when the western world might get a mobile version, though.

Is Fall Guys cross-platform?

You currently cannot play Fall Guys cross-platform. However, PC and PS4 players may soon have the chance to team up and compete, as Mediatonic's Joe Walsh teased during an interview with MinnMax.

"Fall Guys is about bringing people together to play wholesome games," stated Walsh, "It makes sense that crossplay is a part of that."

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