How to set the active mission in Starfield

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Set active mission Starfield - astronaut in space

While navigating space, the most important thing to do is knowing where to go next, right? And to do that you need to use the map as best as possible. So let's see how to set the active mission in Starfield and get to your destination.

While this may be obvious for many, not having a direct explanation might indeed frustrate many gamers. But no worries, cause we have the answer for you.

Let's see, then, how to use the map to set the active mission in Starfield and solve this irritating problem.

How to set the active mission in Starfield

While there are no clear explanations, luckily the solution is relatively simple. You need to go in the menu and select the mission you'd like to be following, then open it and track it, so you can see on your map.

Let's see the required steps to do so:

  • Press Start and then head the cursor down.
  • Go between the inventory and the ship builder.
  • Select a mission you'd like to follow from the mission log.
  • Now, open the mission itself - from the log - and look for the "unchecked tracking" box.
  • Basically you want to select the objective you'd like to be tracking here.
  • Select it to track.
  • Now exit the menu.

If you've done the steps correctly, you should see a blue marker that you can follow. That should bring you to your destination as soon as possible.

While this should have been part of the tutorial, at this point it is not. So understandably some people might be confused, but luckily it is relatively easy to solve this problem.

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