How to fix transaction failed in GTA Online

Ah GTA Online, what are you like? One minute there are alien invasion, the next everyone's riding around semi-naked on a very specific bike, and the next, well, who knows?

It's a weird world where anything can happen and often does.

It's an excellent game to play with your friends, or on your own, or make new friends in, because it's just an excellent game. It's not perfect though, and sometimes you need to fix issues that pop up.

So, here's how to fix the transaction failed error in GTA Online.

What causes the transaction failed in GTA Online

This is an issue that comes up fairly often when sales are on. It's caused by a discrepancy between the price you're trying to pay for an item and the price it's being sold at.

This means there's only a couple of things you can try to do to fix it, and it also means that sometimes the only fix is to wait until the sale has ended, which means you may miss out of some deals.

However, it's always worth trying to fix it first, rather than giving up on saving yourself some money.

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How to fix transaction failed in GTA Online

The best way to fix this issue is to clear your cache. There are two ways to do this depending on whether or not you have the game VIA Steam of via the Rockstar Launcher.

In Steam, head to the Library part, right-click on GTA 5 and click Properties, select Local Files, then click Verify Integrity Of Game Files. Once this is done, you should have solved this problem.

If you need to do this via the Social Club instead, then it's not that much harder to do.

Head to the Social Club Overlay, go to Settings, then under Profile choose to Delete Local Profile. You'll need to log in again, but this should hopefully sort it.

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