Minecraft OpenGL Error 1282: How To Fix The Invalid Operation Error On Minecraft

Minecraft Legends - Minecraft opengl error 1282
Credit: Mojang

Minecraft Legends - Minecraft opengl error 1282
Credit: Mojang

Minecraft OpenGL error 1282 is one of several OpenGL errors that Minecraft players are liable to experience. And anyone who has encountered this error will know that it can prevent you from playing Minecraft at all.

So what is it, and what can you do to remedy it? Given that OpenGL is used to help Minecraft run more smoothly, it isn't necessarily as simple as switching it off. There are though, a number of potential fixes that might help you overcome this problem.

How To Fix Minecraft OpenGL Error 1282

There are plenty of potential fixes for this error. We'd recommend that you work your way down the list until you find the one that works for you.

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Manually Add The OpenGL32.dll File

The first thing we'd recommend is that you look to add the OpenGL32.dll file. This error is commonly caused by the absence of this file. There are though, 17 or so different versions of this file, so you'll need to make sure you choose the right one. And unfortunately, there isn't an old Crusader knight standing there to tell you if you chose wisely or not.

It's also worth mentioning that while there are plenty of DLL download websites, it's very difficult to guarantee that these will be safe sources for the file. Your best option is to check for Windows updates, use system restore if the error only appeared after a recent change, or try repairing your Windows installation.

Update Graphics Drivers

It's possible that out-of-date or faulty graphics card drivers could be causing this issue. So updating these is a sensible place to start.

You can find updates for your drivers on the graphic card manufacturer's website. If you use AMD, go here. For NVIDIA, go here. And for Intel, it's here.

Modify Graphics Settings

Following on from checking your graphics drivers, you might also want to take a look at your graphics settings, as some settings are more likely to trigger the OpenGL error.

  • In Minecraft, go to the Options and choose Video Settings.
  • Here, you have to disable VBOs, Render Region, and Clear Water.
  • Change the On sign to Off.

Relaunch the game, and see whether this fixes the issue.

Update Optifine

A lot of players who have encountered this error find that updating Optifine seems to stop the error. Obviously, this only applies if you have Optifine on your computer.

If you do, visit the official Optifine page to download the latest version.

Disable Shaders

Similarly to tweaking your video settings, you may find that disabling shaders can help remove this error from your game. To do this:

  • Go to Options > Shaders.
  • Switch it from On to Off.
  • Relaunch the game.

Turn Off Show GL Errors

If the error keeps popping up, but isn't actually impacting your game, then you can simply switch off the notifications. To do this:

  • In Minecraft, go to Options > Video Settings > Others...
  • Click on Show GL Errors.
  • Switch it from On to Off.

Save these changes, then relaunch Minecraft. And at least then the error message won't appear anymore.

Check Your Mods

If you have lots of mods on your Minecraft, then it's possible that one or more of these is causing the issue.

Your best bet is to disable all your mods, then reactivate them one-by-one, and see if any of them cause this error to appear. If they do, then you may want to disable or delete them altogether.

Disable OpenGL On Minecraft

We know we said at the beginning that simply disabling OpenGL isn't necessarily the right course of action. Because Minecraft uses this to help it run smoothly, disabling it may cause other performance issues.

But, if you want, you can try disabling it and see what effect it has on your game. To do this:

  • Open Minecraft and go to Options > Video Settings.
  • Go to Advanced OpenGL Settings.
  • Disable OpenGL.
  • Save your changes.

Relaunch Minecraft. This may resolve the error, but check to see whether it causes other performance issues.

Reinstall Minecraft

If none of the above has helped, then you can always consider the nuclear option, of uninstalling and then reinstalling Minecraft. If you do this, we'd recommend you backup the User Data, to ensure you don't lose any realms you want to keep.

What Is Minecraft OpenGL Error 1282?

You'll know you've got this problem when you an error popping up on your screen that says "OpenGL Error:1282 (Invalid Operation)". You may even see it popping up over and over again, just to make the point really clearly to you.

As you'll gather from the wide range of fixes, there are a number of potential causes for the error. Which makes it very difficult to pinpoint exactly why it might be happening to you.

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Common causes include issues with Optifine, outdated graphics card drivers, mods, shaders, and graphics settings in Minecraft. So work your way through the fixes we outlined above, and hopefully, you'll soon be back on track, without having that error interfering with your game.

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