Minecraft Failed To Synchronize Registry Data From Server: How To Fix The Minecraft Registry Data Error

Spongebob Squarepants - Minecraft failed to synchronize registry data from server
Credit: Mojang

Spongebob Squarepants - Minecraft failed to synchronize registry data from server
Credit: Mojang

The Minecraft Registry Data error is one of the less pithy error messages you'll see on Minecraft. But that doesn't stop it from being immensely annoying when it hits you.

And if you are impacted by it, you;'re probalby wondering what you can do about it. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be here would you? You'd be playing Minecraft instead. And that's fine, honestly. Those balloons are for someone else.

In the meantime, here's what we know about fixing this particular thorny issue on Minecraft.

How To Fix The Minecraft Registry Data Error

There are a few potential fixes that seem to be reaosnably effective for the Minecraft Registry Data Error. Give them a try, and with a following wind, you're problem will be resolved, and you can get on with world-building.

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Check That Your Mods And Client Are Running The Same Version

The most frequently effective solution to this issue is to make sure that your mods and the Minecraft client are all running the same version. If they aren't running the same version, then the mismatch can lead to this error.

Updating Minecraft is really simple, an Mojang have a guide which can be found here.

Your mods, however, are a slightly different story. You'll need to check each one inidividually, and update any that aren't on the same version as Minecraft. This probably won't take too lnog if you only ahve a couple of mods. But if you have all the mods you can lay your hands on, this may take some time.

Make Sure That Forge Is Fully Updated

Assumnig the above didn't work, then another option is to check that you are running the latest verison of Minecraft Forge. Minecraft Forge works for the Java Edition of the game, so if this is the version you use, this could well resolve your problem.

You can to the official website to check for any updates, and install them if you aren't already on the latest version.

As above, if there is a compatibility issue between the mods you ahve installed, and the version of Forge you are running, this could explain the issue you are experiencing.

Deactivate All Your Mods

Last, but by no means least, is the option to switch off all your mods. While this may be an option you wish to avoid, it may be the case that one specific mod is at fault. And you're going to have to do some detective work to figure out which one it is.

So start by deactivating all your mods. Then, reactivate them one-by-one, checking the game each time. If it works normally, then you can leave that mod alone. But if it throws up the error, then you will need to leave that mod inactive, or uninstall it, if you want to play the game.

If you have got this far, and you;re still experiencing issues, then we'd suggest reaching out to Mojang Customer Support. You can report a bug, and they may be able to suggest some alternative fixes for you to try.

What Is The Minecraft Failed To Synchronize Registry Data From Server Error?

You'll know you've got this error when you get the message, "Minecraft Failed To Synchronize Registry Data From Server". When it strikes, it stops players from accessing their Minecraft server and playing the game.

There are a variety of reasons why this may be happening, but it almost invariably comes back to a compatibility issue between the game, and one or more of the mods you are using. With such a wide variety of mods available, it's perhaps inevitable that some of them will experience issues form time to time.

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The fixes we've suggested above are the most reliable options to fix this error. So give them a go, and see how you get on.

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