How to fix Java JNI Error in Minecraft After 1.17 Update: Resolve 'A JNI error has occurred' Message

After the Minecraft 1.17 update dropped, users started reporting incidents involving the Java JNI error message.

Affected players reacted negatively to the error, made even worse by the anticipation surrounding 1.17.

If you are one of those poor souls, and have been left scratching your head in bewilderment, thinking "if only there was a website that could provide a solution to my conundrum" prepare for good news. For this website is about to provide you with a solution to your conundrum.

How to fix Java JNI Error in Minecraft

The good news is that the Java JNI error is remarkably easy to fix. You need to make sure your computer is running Java 16. Now, if you are using a default setup, the Launcher should download and install the correct version. But what if you are using a third-party launcher?

Well, according to Mojang, you need to download AdoptOpenJDK and then complete the following steps:

Client: Make sure that your launcher is running Java 16. To do so, change the Java executable runtime to target "javaw.exe" in C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-16.0.1\bin\javaw.exe or where you installed Java 16. Contact your launcher maintainers if you cannot switch or do not know how to switch to Java 16.

Server: If you are running a server on your computer, make sure that AdoptOpenJDK is running the .jar. Try uninstalling Java 8 and restart your computer to make sure you are running Java 16. If you are running a server with a host, contact the host.

Minecraft Box Shot Java JNI error
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And if all else fails, contact their Community Support team

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What caused this error?

Very simply, the error was caused because update 1.17 requires the latest version of Java to run correctly. So if you are running an outdated version, it will trigger this error message. This may be a surprise, as previous versions of Minecraft remained compatible with older versions of Java.

But here we are, in a brave new world, filled with goats, glow squids, and axolotls. The three deadliest species on the planet. So stay safe, when you're running around your no-longer-broken Minecraft world.

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