How to accept license agreement on Rocket League: What to do if you're stuck on this page

Accepting legal agreements, especially for an online game is a common thing in 2020.

Game companies need to bring these out in order for the end user to read the terms and accept them.

With Rocket League, there have been moments where accepting them freezes the game.

With that, here's how to accept the agreement in the game, and to make sure that it doesn't freeze, once accepted.

Rocket League's Agreement

There are three agreements;

  1. EULA (End User License Agreement)
  2. Terms of Use
  3. Privacy Policy

If the terms change, you will need to accept them again, but these are very rare occurances.

If you play online with Rocket League, which is essentially the reason why most play the game, then these three will need to be accepted.

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How to Accept the Agreement

Make sure that you have updated the game to the latest version. The game has been known to freeze when the user accepts the three agreements on an earlier version.

On each of the three licence agreements, scroll down and select 'OK' to accept them.

If the game still freezes, uninstall the game from the 'Epic Games Store' application launcher, and re-download.

Once that's done, you will be able to play online whenever you wish.

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