Rocket League 2020 Golden Gift: What is it, what do you get, and how do you claim a Golden Gift?

It's the season of giving, festive wrappings, too much food, and Rocket League.

Well, it's always the season of Rocket League whether you're on an old console, PC, PS5, or Xbox Series X.

Anyway, you can once again fill your stockings with goodies thanks to the Rocket League Golden Gifts.

What are the Rocket League Golden Gifts though, and how can you get your hands on them?

Everything you need to know about Rocket League Golden Gifts

Golden Gifts are a seasonal variant of the loot boxes you get as you play and level up in Rocket League.

They contain a variety of items and opening one will either give you something you really want or something else completely. It's more likely to be the latter, but hey, we can all dream.

You can get the Golden Gifts by playing 20 Online Matches and then claiming the reward from the Frosty Fest. Better yet, you can do this five times.

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What else can you get from this year's Frosty Fest?

This year brings some cool festive items for Rocket League players. The challenges are things you should be able to do pretty easily:

  • Holiday Bow topper: Gain 1 XP Level
  • Sleigh Queen title: Win one game in a Snow Day Extra Modes Match
  • Cold Sweater banner: Play 3 Online Matches
  • Cold Sweater decal: Get 20 Clears in Online Matches
  • Peppermint wheels: Get 15 Goals, Assists, or Saves in Online Matches
  • Snowstorm decal: Get 20 shots on Goal in Online Matches
  • Snowman border: Get a Save and a Win in a single Online Match
  • Holiday Hearth wheels: Get 20 Centres in Snow Day Extra Modes Matches
  • Fireworks boost: Get 20 Assists in Online Matches
  • Xmas Lights Decal: Get 15 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches
  • Golden Gift ‘20: Play 20 Online Matches (Repeatable 5 times)
  • 20,000 XP: Win 10 Online Matches (Repeatable)

As you can see, there's nothing too chaotic here for any players, and thanks to the ranking system you should be able to get these done fairly easily.

We recommend playing with friends in these modes if you want to make sure have a good time throughout.

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