HeroVerse NFT: What Is HeroVerse NFT Game And How To Buy HeroVerse Token?

HeroVerse is the new NFT game on the block. Unlike most NFT games, HeroVerse focuses more on the gameplay and players' gaming experience than earning. We’ll take a closer look at the HeroVerse NFT game and what it offers. Keep reading!

What is HeroVerse NFT Game?

HeroVerse is the first Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy NFT Game on the Binance blockchain. Essentially, Match-3 games are a type of puzzle game like Candy Crush where the player manipulates tiles in order to make them disappear.

HeroVerse has 2 main concepts: NFT game for players who are seeking NFT and focusing more on profit, and traditional game for players who are playing for fun and experience. The team aims to create a gameplay that combines the 2 concepts above and attracts all players from NFT and traditional games.

The HeroVerse consists of 29 heroes with distinct personalities and power abilities. Each hero is categorized into four races including Human, Beast, Forest, and Demon.

In the game, you need 4 heroes at the same time to fight with the enemies. Your goal is to keep your heroes alive after killing all of the enemies.

You need to match the items in the game board to make your heroes attack. The longer the chain you make (in straight, diagonal, horizontal lines), the stronger the heroes attack.

After the battle, your heroes will lose their stamina and need time to recover before taking a new battle. If you win the battle, you get rewards such as $HES tokens, Hero experience, etc.

HeroVerse NFT game gameplay
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HeroVerse gameplay

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How to Get Started with HeroVerse NFT Game?

  1. Go to: https://app.heroverse.io/
  2. Click on "Connect Wallet" on the top right corner and choose your wallet.
  3. On the pop-up, select the wallet you have created by ticking the checkbox → Click "Next" → Click "Connect".
  4. After that, click on "Create game account" on the top right corner.
  5. Fill in all the necessary fields and check the box; click "Create".
  6. Import your $HER tokens into your wallet.
  7. Go to the "Marketplace" tab on https://app.heroverse.io/ and choose heroes you want to purchase.
  8. Click "Buy" then press "Confirm" on the MetaMask pop-up to make your payment.
  9. Download HeroVerse Official Version and sign in your account.

How to Download HeroVerse NFT Game?

For PC users:

  1.  Open the web browser and then go here and download the install pack.
  2. Extract the install pack to a folder.
  3. Locate the HeroVerse.exe and double click to launch.
  4. Sign in to your account to play.

For Android users:

  1. Open Google Play app.
  2. Find "HeroVerse" and hit install.
  3. Enter the username/email and corresponding password and hit “Sign in”.

For iOS users:

  1. Open App Store.
  2. Download TestFlight on App Store.
  3. Go hereread the instruction and install HeroVerse iOS as instructed.
  4. Sign in to your account to play.

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How to Buy HeroVerse Token?

HeroVerse economy has two types of tokens: $HER and $HES.

$HER are pre-minted tokens that the holders can use to buy Heroes and Hero Box. Whereas, $HES is the in-game currency with unlimited supply that players can spend to purchase things or upgrade heroes.

Players can earn $HES token by playing Quest, PvP, Tower Conquest, and Clan event. In addition, players can acquire $HES tokens by renting and trading their heroes.

The HeroVerse ($HER) token price is $0.024766 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $9,211.67 USD. HeroVerse token is down 2.78% in the last 24 hours.

You can buy HeroVerse (HER) from the Binance exchange. You will be required to have either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) for trading purposes.

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