GTA Online lagging: How to fix lag issues, FPS drops and stuttering problems in GTA Online

So, you're running around with your friends in GTA Online, you're about to finish the biggest job of your (digital) life, and you can retire if it all goes well.

You're about to line up the final shot, or maybe you're the getaway driver, or maybe you're breakdancing for some reason and it seems to be working.

Then, all of a sudden, the game skips, or it looks like it does. Or, worse, your frame rate falls down to 1 and you're treated to an incredibly slow-motion video of everything going horribly wrong.

How can you fix these issues in GTA Online, and what causes them anyway?

What causes lag, FPS drops, and stuttering in GTA Online

Many of these issues are caused by poor connections, drivers not being updated, or just not enough power for the settings you're trying to run your game at.

No matter what the cause is, you'll want to get it sorted as soon as you can.

There are few things as annoying as performance issues in games, but if you know how to fix them, at least you can be free of them.

So, here's what you can do to fix these issues.

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How to fix lag, FPS drops, and stuttering in GTA Online

More often than not these issues are caused by your settings, or by your drivers not being updated.

So, before anything else, update your drivers. Please, just update your drivers, especially those for your graphics card. This can single-handedly fix the issues you're having with the game's performance.

if that doesn't work, then you'll need to check out the settings for your graphics. If they're too high, then they can cause issues. If you're hitting issues like this a lot, then it's worth dropping some of the settings down a bit to see if it helps.

This is the thing that can keep an older computer running a game for longer. This is good news to everyone who can't afford to upgrade at the moment.

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