Ghost of Tsushima Best Audio Settings: pre-sets, headsets and the optimal sound options for Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch's new open-world adventure, Ghost of Tsushima, has finally landed on the PS4, marking the end of the consoles impressive line of exclusive games such as The Last of Us II, Spider-Man PS4and God of War.

As with many stealth-based games, audio is a huge part of the gameplay, but moreso in Ghost of Tsushima thanks to its role in creating an immersive, expansive open-world atmosphere.

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Given the importance of audio, we've compiled a guide on how to optimise your Ghost of Tsushima settings before jumping into 13th Century Japan.

What Audio Settings should I use in Ghost of Tsushima?

Compared to The Last of Us II, Ghost of Tsushima has a fairly simplistic array of options, but this doesn't detract from its importance.

Before even starting the game, you'll have to major audio decisions to make. The first involves choosing what type of audio output device you'll be using throughout your playthrough.

We'd recommend grabbing a decent headset (more on that later) and choosing the Headphones (3D Audio) option. This will fully immerse you within Jin's world, allowing you to better listen out for enemies or simply enjoy the impressive sound design and atmosphere created by Sucker Punch. The only downside to this setting is you don't get to hear any audio via the controller.

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HAUNTING: Ghost of Tsushima's audio complements the fantastic world building done by Sucker Punch

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Which Audio Language should I use?

Your second choice will be to decide what Audio language you'll want to play Ghost of Tsushima in. We'd recommend the Japanese dub with English subtitles that,despite some less than perfect lip-synching, gives players a more authentic experience of ancient Japan.

If the subtitles difficult for you to read in-game, you can go to the Accessibility Settings in the menu and turn on the Subtitle Backdrop, which makes them much clearer.

Aside from these decisions, we'd recommend keeping the Dialogue, Music, SFX and Cutscene Volume at the same level, as the sound mixing is already fantastic.

You may have also opted for to turn on the Kurosawa Mode that applies a black and white filter over the game. While this creates a fantastic atmosphere resembling the best cinematic samurai experiences in history, from a pure audio perspective, we'd recommend turning it off.

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The Kurosawa Mode adds a more tinny, rattly sound to Ghost of Tsushima's audio, reflective of how Kurosawa's films sounded. If you want the most immersive audio possible, this is only possible through the standard display.

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What Headset should I use in Ghost of Tsushima?

As mentioned above, having a headset that can utilise surround sound is a must for Ghost of Tsushima.

We'd recommend using a headset like Mpow's EG3 Pro headset. For just £31.99 it comes with dual 50mm surround sound speakers capable of capturing the deep bases in Ghost of Tsushima. The headset also provides comfort via its breathable ear cushions for those who want to embark on a marathon Ghost of Tsushima gaming session.

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Ghost of Tshushima Audio Patch

Since Ghost of Tshushima's launch, Sucker Punch has updated the game to include additional difficulty and accessibility options, alongside various fixes.

In one of the recent patches, Sucker Punch updated the Traveller's Attire's ability with extra audio and visual cues to give hints for nearby collectibles. Previously players had to rely on the DualShock 4's vibration to locate collectibles such as Mongol Artifacts and Sashimono Banners.

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