Dying Light 2 PlayStation Crash Issue: How To Fix Dying Light Crashing On PlayStation 4 and PS5

The launch ofDying Light 2has been met with a mixed response, in large part because of the number of bugs and glitches that spoil what could have been a great game. One significant example is the Dying Light 2 PlayStation Crash Issue, which, as the name suggests, is stopping PlayStation owners from enjoying the game. Instead, they get the joyful experience of the game crashing.

If you or anyone you love has been affected by the Dying Light 2 crashing issues, then read on. We have explanations and answers, to help you deal with this difficult situation.

How To Fix Dying Light 2 PlayStation Crash

According to Techland, if you are experiencing problems with the game crashing, then the solution is to clear your console cache. It's important to emphasise that following this process will not delete any of your saved data from the game.

Before you do that though, make sure you have checked that you have downloaded and installed any pending updates for the game.

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Clear Cache On PlayStation 4

To clear the cache on your PS4 console, complete the following steps:

  • Start by switching off your PS4 using the power button on the front panel of the console.
  • Once the PS4 is off, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps: the first will be as you press the button, the second about seven seconds later.
  • Use a compatible USB cable to plug the DualShock controller into the console. Press the PS button on the controller.
  • Select Rebuild Database.

Clear Cache On PlayStation 5

If you have a PS5, then the process is slightly different:

  • Start by turning off the console fully. This means a proper switch-off, rather than using Rest Mode.
  • Wait for twenty seconds or so, and then unplug the console from the mains power supply.
  • Leave your PS5 unplugged for a couple of minutes.
  • After this time has elapsed, plug the console back in, and power it up.
  • Try relaunching Dying Light 2, to see whether the issue is resolved.

Whether you are on PS4 or PS5, clearing the console cache should be sufficient to fix the crashing issue. But if for some reason, you find yourself still experiencing the issue, then you can try reaching out to Techland Support or PlayStation Support for further assistance.

What Is the Dying Light 2 PlayStation Crash Issue?

As the title of this article suggests, this is an error that causes Dying Light 2 to crash on PlayStation. At the moment, there is no clear explanation as to why this is happening. But given the emphasis on ensuring that updates are installed as soon as possible, and taken in conjunction with the wide range of other known issues with the game, there is a strong suspicion that this has an underlying cause.

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It's impossible to know exactly what the underlying cause might be, but we can hope that it is one that can be quickly identified and rectified by Techland, as developers of the game. In the meantime, try the solutions we described above. While Dying Light 2 may have had a rocky launch, there are plenty of positive comments about it as well. And hopefully, the PlayStation crash issue will be short-lived.

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