Dying Light 2 Error CE-34878-0: How to Fix "An Error Has Occurred With The Application" PlayStation Error

If you've picked up Dying Light 2 for PlayStation, then it's possible you've been lucky and haven't encountered any errors. On the other hand, it's possible you've encountered Dying Light 2 Error CE-34878-0, which is exclusively available for PlayStation gamers. You lucky things. What's less fortunate is that this error stops your game from working.

So in the spirit of helping our fellow gamers get back to the important business of free-running around a zombie-infested cityscape, here's what you need to know about error code CE-34878-0, and what you can do to fix it on Dying Light 2.

How To Fix Dying Light 2 Error CE-34878-0

Sony's support page references this as a PlayStation 4 error. But PS5 owners may also experience it. Whichever console you are using, follow these steps, for your best shot of getting back in business:

  • First and foremost, restart your console. A power cycle is often enough to fix this error.
  • Check for any pending system updates. If there are any outstanding, be sure to download and install them, then restart your console and try to launch the game again.
  • Have you upgraded your HDD? If so, reinstall the original HDD to see if this remedies the issue.
  • Your next option is to back up your saved data and then reset your console. On PS4, go to SettingsInitialisation and choose Initialise PS4. If you are on PS5, go to:
    • Settings > System
  • Select System Software
  • Choose Reset Options
  • Select Reset your Console
  • Press Reset

If none of these fixes is effective, or you start finding that the error arises with every game or application you try to open, it's time to contact PlayStation Support for further help.

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What Is PlayStation Error CE-34878-0?

Error CE-34878-0 is a PlayStation error code, that affects both PS4 and PS5 consoles. It isn't specific to Dying Light 2, and can be best described as a 'general' error code. In other words, it means that your console has crashed, but there isn't necessarily a specific cause to pinpoint it.

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Often, the error seems to coincide with the maintenance of the PlayStation network. In many cases, the error will resolve itself with no additional action required. But that doesn't mean you need to simply sit on your hands waiting for it to disappear. The tips we've highlighted above, are the best way to resolve this as quickly as possible.

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