FIFA 22 Store Checkout Error: How To Fix 'There Has Been An Error With The FIFA Store Checkout' When Buying FIFA Points

If you've experienced the FIFA 22 Store Checkout Error when trying to buy FIFA Points, you've come to the right place for some assistance. We'll take you through what this error is, and more importantly, what steps you can take to try to fix it.

FIFA Ultimate Team is not without its errors. However, while the likes of the FIFA 22 SBC Error impact gameplay, there are even errors such as the checkout error that stop you from even giving EA money. Seeing that dreaded 'There has been an error with the FIFA Store checkout' message is never a good feeling.

So if you have a bunch of FIFA Points you can't seem to spend, let's see if we can help with that. Ready? Let's begin.

How To Fix FIFA 22 Store Checkout Error When Buying FIFA Points

If you are one of the unfortunate players who has been hit with this FIFA Store Checkout error message, what exactly can you do about it? Well, sadly, not a huge amount. The best advice is to try using an alternative method of buying FIFA Points. There are four options for buying FIFA Points:

  • The first is the in-game store. But given that's the one causing all the trouble, we don't advise it.
  • You can also buy points via your console's store, if that's how you play FIFA 22.
  • The good old-fashioned way, of visiting a retailer a buying a pre-loaded card.
  • Or through trusted online retailers, where you can buy a digital code to load FIFA Points onto your account.\

If you've been suffering from the FIFA 22 store checkout error, then we recommend trying one of the other methods of acquiring FIFA Points. At this point, that will be your best option. If however, you've already bought the points, the money has left your account, and you can't use them? Your only option is to contact EA Help for support. You can reach them on Twitter or on their website.

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What is the FIFA 22 'There Has Been An Error With The FIFA Store Checkout' Issue?

The FIFA 22 store checkout error has been hitting players when trying to purchase FIFA Points. When they go to complete the transaction, they receive the following message:

There has been an error with the FIFA store checkout, please try again later

Unfortunately, the reasons for the error are a little unclear. EA don't seem to be offering much by way of an answer. But one thing we do know, is that like many of the errors we have seen on FIFA 22, this is an error which has occurred on previous versions of the game. We've seen comments from frustrated users from as long ago as 2015, saying that this issue has occurred.

This may suggest that it's something fundamental in the underlying programming of the game. EA have said that they are aware of the issue with the in-game store and are investigating. So until that investigation is complete, we recommend following the steps we suggested earlier.

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