Fan-made Fall Guys version of the Xbox Series X console looks AWESOME

With the Xbox Series X coming up in the next few months, lots of people are wondering what kind of special editions we'll get to see.

After all, getting the fanciest possible version of an already fancy console is a big part of the experience for some.

Of course, sometimes these dreams are more realistic than others, and in this case, we've stumbled across one that looks amazing, but it seems unlikely.

So, let's take a look at this amazing fan mockup.

This Xbox Series X looks amazing

Fall Guys has been an absolutely absurd success. Fans have been playing it on both PS4 and PC in huge numbers ever since its release.

It makes sense then, that the dear old Xbox players would start wondering about Fall Guys themselves.

Well, in this instance, a Twitter user called XboxPope has made a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout version of the Series X, and it looks absolutely amazing.

Just look at it. It's got a cute little face and probably doesn't understand how seesaws work. Of course, you don't want your Xbox Series X falling over as much as these characters do. Also, Fall Guys isn't on the Xbox.

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Will Fall Guys ever come to Xbox?

This is an odd one because there's been no announcement of console exclusivity, so the lack of an Xbox release is a little weird.

The official line is "No plans for Xbox just yet, we'd love to release on Xbox in future though!"

That's from the official Fall Guys account. So, maybe there is hope yet for lovers of these sentient marshmallows after all.

If that does happen, we'd love to see this mockup become a reality, or maybe even just customisable faceplates again like the good old days.

Does Fall Guys have server problems?

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