Fall Guys Season 2 news: Medieval Theme confirmed, release date, skins, new rounds, changes, Xbox One release, mobile version and more

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Fall Guysis taking the world by storm right now, with the game becoming hugely popular on PS4 and PC. And you may have already noticed, thanks to the 'Season 1' messaging plastered around the game, that there is more content to come!

Season 1 is already a massive hit, and there could be more fun on the way with Season 2, especially with rumours of more consoles joining the party!

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Keep reading for absolutely everything you need to know about Fall Guys Season 2, which has a Medieval Theme...

Fall Guys Season 2 Release Date

Fall Guys launched on Tuesday, 4 August and Season 1 is expected to last nine weeks.

That would take us to Tuesday, 6 October - so that's not a bad estimate for the Fall Guys Season 2 release date.

However, as we have seen with other seasonal games like Fortnite and Warzone, the "expected date" isn't always accurate thanks to various delays and the possibility of an equivalent of “downtime” which may push things back.

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Season 2 Costumes, Items & Cosmetics

During the Fall Guys Sneak Peek trailer, we got a look at some fresh new medieval costumes. This includes a Viking, Knight, Witch and Dragon skin. The trailer showed off different colour variants these outfits, which could either mean Fall Guys will now allow you to customise the colours of your outfits, or there are different costumes that cost different amounts of Kudos/Crowns/

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KUDOS! - What will you spend your hard-earned cash on?

We expect another 40 items to become available in Season 2 which can be unlocked by progressing through episodes and levelling up.

Season 1 included a load of cosmetics as well as a total of 19,500 Kudos and 3 Crowns (in-game currency) to earn. 

New upcoming skins in the game are rumoured to include homages to the popular games Portal and My Friend Pedro - perhaps we'll see those in Season 2!


The Shop should still receive regular updates, where you can spend your Kudos and Crown on customisation options.

New Rounds

There are 24 rounds in Fall Guys currently, and we hope to see some new ones added for Season 2!

Fall Guys's looks to be receiving a bunch of new rounds in Season 2, based on the Middle Ages. The first round shown off appears to be a platforming race in which the Fall Guys beans must make their way over the walls of a castle, pushing boxes to make a path over the walls.

The second new round also followed the same theme, having players race across a platform scattered with swinging axes, rotating platforms, and a drawbridge.

Fall Guys also looks to be introducing new variations of existing games. There also appeared to be a variant of Egg Scramble, that sees players carry grey objects across drawbridges to their team's zone. Alongside this, a new map for Hoopsie Daisy was shown off, which had a hexagonal design compared to the current map's more rectangular design.

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Fall Guys' latest level will see you climbing, rather than falling

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New Consoles

Despite Fall Guys only existing for just a few weeks, there are rumours the game could be coming to more consoles.

Currently, Fall Guys is only available on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

With the game already on Windows, surely it is only a matter of time before it makes the jump to fellow Microsoft-owned Xbox One, with a move to Next Gen later this year a no-brainer. 

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JUSTICE FOR ALL - Will Xbox players get in on the act in Season 2?

A Nintendo Switch version of the game is also looking likely, according to some data-miners, but there's no official confirmation about that.

And we already know that a mobile version of the game is being developed for China, but there's no word on whether it will also reach other countries. Watch this space!

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