Disney Dreamlight Valley Crashes: What To Do About Dreamlight Valley Crashing On Nintendo Switch

A night scene of a treehouse with a castle in the background - dreamlight valley crash
Credit: Disney

A night scene of a treehouse with a castle in the background - dreamlight valley crash
Credit: Disney

If you're playing on Nintendo Switch, you may already be familiar with the dreaded Disney Dreamlight Valley crash issue. If you haven't managed to avoid it up to now, then you may well be looking for a solution. And we good news, and bad news.

Much like the Disney Dreamlight Valley quest bugs, these are expected issues given the game only launched in September.

We'll start by explaining what your options are when it comes to fixing this (TL:DR - not many) what's being done about it, and a bit more about the issue itself. Ready? Let's stop this dream from turning into a horrible night terror.

What To Do About Disney Dreamlight Valley Crashing

We said there was good news and bad news. So let's deal with the bad news: there really isn't anything you can do to prevent Disney Dreamlight Valley crashing. It doesn't appear to be caused by anything that players are doing at their end. Which means a solution is out of their hands.

The good news, however, is that this issue has already been identified, and a fix has been promised that should be rolled out imminently.

So keep monitoring the official Twitter feed, where they will continue to provide updates in relation to problems and fixes. They'll let you know as soon as the update is available.

And we recommend installing the update as soon as possible. As well as promising to address the issue with Switch crashes, it also promises to address the following issues:

  • Fix for changing clothes
  • Improved Founder's Pack claiming
  • Fix for Error 7
  • Improved Dream Shard frequency
  • Multiple fixes for quest progression tied to unreachable, missing, and unrecognised items

In other words, there are a lot of issues that they hope to address.

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What Is The Dreamlight Valley Crashing Issue?

If you've already encountered the Dreamlight Valley crash problem, it won't need much by way of introduction. But essentially, players are finding that it is causing their Switch console to crash.

As we mentioned earlier, there is no definitive explanation for why it is happening. But the fact that a fix is being worked on to improve stability, suggests that it is an issue with the game, rather than anything the user is doing.

It's worth pointing out that with this being a new game, teething problems are inevitable. And the whole point of offering an early access period (as in this case) is to try and identify - and resolve - as many of these issues as possible prior to making the game available to an even wider audience.

Hopefully, the upcoming update will ensure that Switch players experience vastly improved stability in the game. And while it may not guarantee an end to crashing, it will hopefully substantially reduce the problem.

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