Destruction All-Stars analysis video reveals best frame rate and resolution settings

After a delay, Lucid Games' 'Destruction All-Stars' was finally released today for PlayStation 5.

Appearing as a PS+ game for the next two months, its part-Rocket League, part-Destruction Derby, and so far early impressions are very positive.

However, changing the resolution and other aspects of the display are common-place in this current-gen consoles, and this game is no different.

With that, lets look at a certain comparison video, showing what the game runs at.

What's the native specs?

A site by the name of VG Tech has already looked into the frame rate of the game, running at a consistent 60 FPS with a resolution between 3264x1836 and 2304x1296.

This looks as though that it *almost* hits 4K, but not always.

The video does state that the UI of 'Destruction All Stars' is rendered at a native 4K, so there's no trouble there.

You can see in the video that it's rare when the game falls below 60; everything looks crisp and smooth as a buttery biscuit base.

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Destruction Derby Reboot

The company involved, 'Lucid Games', have an interesting history, with some of its founders being involved in 'Bizarre Creations', a company known for the 'Project Gotham Racing' series.

However, there's even more history here, as the game was first thought up as a reboot of the 'Destruction Derby' series, back from the PlayStation 1 days.

In an interview with Eurogamer, game director Colin Berry said that while it began from that idea, it soon grew into a spiritual-successor.

With the game now out to the masses, it will be interesting to see how the game holds up in the coming months, as its understood that more content is on the way.

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