Civ 6 Frontier Pass: Price, release date, and what do you get in the New Frontier Pass?

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It’s been four years since Civilisation VI was released, and still there’s DLC in progress from now until March next year.

The ‘November Update’, called ‘The Babylon Pack’ brought us a new city-state, a new game mode, and much more.

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The game is on a whole load of systems, from Android to the Nintendo Switch, and while there isn’t cross play, users of Steam and Epic Games can play against one another when these DLC land.

With that, lets go through what’s been announced so far, and what’s coming up until March.


Since May, the ‘New Frontier Pass’ has seen several releases and new content, such as new civilisations, resources and lots more, as the image below shows and this page too.

The third pass, called the ‘Byzantium & Gaul’ pack, was released in September which brought new abilities and a ‘Dramatic Ages’ mode.

The fourth pack called the ‘Babylon Pass’, is now available, featuring a new civilisation, twenty-four ‘Great People’, two improvements by the new ‘City-States’ mode and much more.

There’s also twelve additional powerful Hero units where each of these possess powerful moves to help your armies.

The fifth pack, called the 'Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack' is set to launch on January 28, bringing with it the Vietnam civilization and Kublai Khan - a new leader who can be used with China and Mongolia.

Bà Triệu takes up the role of the leader of the Vietnam civilization, with her abilities 'Nine Dragon River Delta' and 'Drive Out the Aggressors' focusing on buffs for the Woods, Marsh and Rainforest tiles.

The latest pack also adds the 'Monopolies and Corporations' mode that allows you to develop industries around luxury resources and develop industries around these resources.

2K Games has not yet revealed the name of its sixth pack, but the Frontier Pass website offers an insight into what to expect. The sixth and final pack includes "one new civilization and leader, one new game mode, new World Wonders, and one new map."

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The whole pass can be bought on Steam and other platforms for £32.99.

For a game released four years ago, the price for the ‘Frontier Pass’ justifies itself; six passes, each full of new content to extend the game’s longevity even more.

The Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack can be bought separately for £7.39.

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Release Date

As the video below shows, between May of this year and March of 2021 are when you can expect the full ‘Frontier Pass’ to be released for Civilisation VI.

The latest pack, the 'Babylon Pack' was released on November 19, with the Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack set to launch on January 18. The sixth pack is set to release in March 2021.

While some have had to delay their games or DLC due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2K Games are still on schedule to bring the roadmap to a close next year.

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