Bottle vs Brick in The Last Of Us 2: Is there any difference, and which projectile is the best for distracting and stunning enemies?

Red or Blue? Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle? Xbox or PlayStation? These are just some of the most infamous choices a gamer has had to make over the past twenty years. Now, we have another to add to that list- brick or bottle?

Bricks and bottles are the two throwable objects players can use in The Last of Us 2. While they are in abundance across Seattle, as Ellie can only carry one projectile at a time, choosing between the two is an important task.

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Here's all we know about the projectiles to help you make this decision.

What do you use bricks and bottles for?

Bricks and bottles are the two different projectile-based items players can pick up in The Last of Us 2. Originally featuring in the first The Last of Us in 2013, these items are a crucial component in the series' gameplay.

In The Last of Us, bricks and bottles had three main purposes.

The first was to distract enemies. If you threw one of these items in the vicinity of an enemy, they would be drawn to the area, allowing you to sneak past unseen or go in for a stealth kill.

You could also use bricks and bottles to temporarily stun enemies before engaging in combat with them.

Finally, bricks and bottles could be used as a temporary melee weapon for Joel to use rather than just his fists.

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In The Last of Us 2, bricks and bottles serve the same purpose as they did in the first game, but now serve an extra purpose.

The Last of Us 2 introduces many new gameplay elements, including being able to break glass to enter buildings from a different angle, access supplies, and distract enemies.

While you can easily break glass with Ellie's switchblade, bricks and bottles are useful for putting some distance between yourself and buildings, or for hitting out-of-reach glass.

How do you use bricks and bottles?

To throw bricks and bottles in The Last of Us 2, pressing L2 while holding the item will bring up a throwing arc for you. Once you are satisfied with where the item will land, pressing R2 will throw the brick or bottle.

Alternatively, if you are close enough to an enemy, you can press R2 to quickly throw your projectile at them.

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What are the differences between bricks and bottles?

Aside from the aesthetic differences, bricks have longer durability when used as a melee weapon.

When attacking an enemy with a brick, you will be able to get three hits in before the brick breaks- enough hits to kill a basic enemy. Bottles, however, will smash after just one hit, only stunning your enemies.

There are also reports that bottles are louder when you throw them, meaning they have a larger distraction radius. This is unconfirmed, however, and seems like it may be based more on real-world elements than how the items act within The Last of Us 2.

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Should I use a brick or a bottle?

While the two are very similar, bricks have an advantage over bottles when it comes to combat. As they don't break immediately after one use, bricks can be used to kill Clickers. Bottles will smash after just one hit, leaving you vulnerable to a clicker attack as they cannot be killed by Ellie's switchblade.

So if you come across a bottle and are wondering if you should take it, keeping that brick handy may just save you in a pinch against a horde of Clickers.

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