Bonelab PSVR: Is Bonelab On PlayStation VR And How To Play It On PSVR?

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Bonelab PSVR: Is Bonelab On PlayStation VR And How To Play It On PSVR?

The successor to Boneworks is out now and the PlayStation owners are wondering whether Bonelab is on PlayStation VR (PSVR).

Boneworks is one of the most popular PC VR titles out there and Bonelab looks like it will be another hit. Bonelab would be an excellent addition to the PSVR library but is it available on PSVR?


Read on to find out more about Bonelab on PSVR.

Is Bonelab On PlayStation VR (PSVR)?

As of now, Bonelab is not available on PlayStation VR (PSVR). You will need either a Meta Rift, Valve Index (known as PC VR) or Meta Quest 2 to play Bonelab.

The predecessor, Boneworks also didn't make it to the PlayStation VR. Limited tracking and problematic button layouts of the Move controllers were major issues that prevented developers from porting the game. It is for the same reason that Bonelab is not available for PlayStation VR.


But now that PS5 is powerful enough to handle both games and PSVR 2 is on its way, will we see a Boneworks/Bonelab PSVR port on the new headset? read on to find out!

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How To Play Bonelab On PSVR

As we mentioned above, there is no way to play Bonelab on PSVR as of now. However, the good news is that it could be playable on PSVR 2.

When the first details on the PSVR 2 were released last year, Brandon J Laatsch (founder of Stress Level Zero) tweeted that "there is a 90% chance we [Stress Level Zero games] support them."

Therefore, we can expect to see Boneworks and Bonelab on PSVR 2 once it is released. The PSVR 2 isn't expected to arrive until early 2023, so it is going to be a long wait.

What Is Bonelab?

If you aren't familiar with the game, Bonelab is what is described as an "experimental physics action game". Your character is sentenced to death, but sets about uncovering a hidden underground research facility.


You have a variety of weapons available, and can choose to fight using a variety of ranged, melee and "exotic physics" attacks.

Players also have the option of importing custom avatars. We have more on that in our guide to Bonelab mods.

It's made by Stress Level zero, the same team who developed the hugely popular Boneworks. So if you enjoyed that one, Bonelab will probably be right up your street.