BoneLab Mods - How to Install Mods In Bonelab Quest 2 and PC

A figure covered in orange lines attacks - Bonelab mods
Credit: Stress Level Zero

A figure covered in orange lines attacks - Bonelab mods
Credit: Stress Level Zero

It is indeed true that Bonelab mods are available. In fact, this is something that the developers of the game - Stress Level Zero - were eager to make available alongside the launch of the game.

And they have fulfilled that promise, by allowing users access to the studio's Marrow SDK. this means that players can create and install mods for Bonelab, from the word go. And there are plenty of interesting things they could do, not least the ability to quickly jump between avatars with different physical characteristics.

But how do you actually install mods, to take advantage of this? We'll explain what you need to know, right here, right now.

How To Install Mods In Bonelab Quest 2 And PC

Using the Bonelab repository, you can download mods from in-game. The Javascript you are about to install regularly scans through all Bonelab mods and adds the links to them to the repository. As of now, there are 300+ mods available in the repository and it will only increase over time.

Mods cover a wide variety of content types - avatars, weapons, new levels, and texture packs, to highlight a few of the main categories.

So, here is how to install Bonelab mods.

How To Install Bonelab Mods On PC

  1. Using the file explorer, navigate to
    C:\Users\USERNAMEHERE\AppData\LocalLow\Stress Level Zero\BONELAB\
    and open the repositories.txt file.
  1. Paste the URL in there.
    if you want NSFW mods too, just add the NSFW URL in addition
  2. Save the file
  3. Go to your mod station in Bonelab, open Settings and then Repos.
  4. Make sure the repos show up.
How To Install Bonelab Mods
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How To Install Bonelab Mods On Quest

  1. First, you need to enable Developer Mode in Bonelab
    1. Go to Mods
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Click on the Disabled button next to Developer Mode
    4. Click Confirm
    5. Write down the port number that it shows.
  2. Besides the port, we also need to find the Quest's IP address. To find it:
    1. Open your Settings
    2. Click on Wi-Fi
    3. Click on your connected Network
    4. Scroll down and expand Advanced Settings
    5. Scroll down to "Ip address" and write the address down somewhere.
  3. Get the following "Simple WebSocket Client" Extension: Chrome/Edge/Brave/Vivaldi or Firefox.
  4. Open the extension by clicking on the icon.
  5. You will need the ip_address and the port from the earlier steps.
  6. In the URL field of the extension, enter: ws://ip_address:port/console
  1. Press "Open" and wait for the Status to be "OPENED". If this doesn't work you might have the wrong IP.
  2. Make sure the game is running and focused and that no menus are open on the quest!
  3. In the "Request" field enter: repo.add and press Send
  4. If you want NSFW mods too, enter repo.add and press Send again.
  5. You might have to restart the game before the repository shows up the first time.
How To Install Bonelab Mods
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How To Create And Install Mods In Bonelab Quest 2 And PC

Bonelab mods are relatively easy to install, once you know how to do it. Stress Level Zero has also provided a comprehensive MarrowSDK Wiki, which explains the entire process of building a mod as well.

We'll run you through some of the key points, and finish with the all-important question of how you go about installing a mod.

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Marrow SDK

First off, you need access to the MarrowSDK. This is the software development kit that Stress Level Zero has made available to anyone who wants to make mods for Bonelab.


If you do want to make any mods of your own, make sure you are running Unity version 2021.3.5f1.

You're also going to need a working knowledge of how to actually use Unity, otherwise, things are going to get confusing quickly.

Assuming you meet these requirements, and your computer is up to the task of running Unity, you'll then need to make sure you complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure Git is installed before launching Unity.
  2. Download Unity 2021.3.5f1 The Unity Hub is recommended to help manage different versions of Unity and multiple projects.
  3. When installing Unity 2021.3.5f1, be sure to include the following modules: Under Platforms, select Android Build Support and its sub-items, Android SDK & NDK Tools and the OpenJDK. Lower down the list, and add Windows Build Support (IL2CPP).

That's as far as we're going to go with telling you how to actually create a mod, before we confuse ourselves. If you want to learn more, simply visit the Wiki we referenced earlier in the article.

Installing Built Mods

Now we come to the heart of the matter. The marrow in the Bonelab mods query, if you will. Stress Level Zero offer the following advice when it comes to installing mods, with the expectation that you will generally be installing mods you've built for yourself:

On PC, drop your entire mod folder into: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\StressLevelZero\Project4\Mods\

  • Then go to the Mod Node in the Central Hub
  • When this wakes up, click downloads, and click on the pop-up.
  • You'll see a list of options saying play, installed, approved, external and settings. Choose external.
  • This will provide you with all the mods you've previously added to the folder above.
  • Click the mods you want to install, and they will appear in your game.

On Quest 2, first of all, you need to ensure that your Quest is connected to your PC, and that in the headset you click Allow on accessing data. Next, drop your entire mod folder into: This PC\Quest 2\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.StressLevelZero.Project4\files\Mods\

You can check out a few examples in our best Bonelab mods article. Installing mods from sites such as or NexusMods is thankfully a really easy process. We'd always recommend carefully reading the installation instructions for each mod, but in general, the process is as we've described above.

That's all you need to know about installing mods on Bonelab. When you're ready, you can find out if there is a Bonelab PSVR version, or the difference between Bonelab vs Boneworks.

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