BoneLab Cross-Buy: Does BoneLab have Cross-Buy Quest 2 and PC

A skeleton with glowing red eyes attacking you - Is Bonelab cross-buy?
Credit: Stress Level Zero

A skeleton with glowing red eyes attacking you - Is Bonelab cross-buy?
Credit: Stress Level Zero

With the much-anticipated release of this game, eager fans are asking whether Bonelab cross-buy exists, or whether this is a fever dream fantasy.

Happily for you, we have an answer. We'll let you know what the deal is regarding cross-buy on Bonelab. And if you don't know what cross-buy means, we'll even explain that for you as well.

Does BoneLab have Cross-Buy Quest 2 and PC?

This is a question that has been bouncing around Reddit and Discord for a little while, with plenty of people asking, and others answering, but without really explaining where they get their information from. So let's clear things up once and for all.

According to Brandon Laatsch, founder of Stress Level Zero (the company behind Bonelab) Bonelab will be cross-buy. He confirmed this on Twitter, in response to a question from another user:

So there you have it. Straight from the horse's mouth. Bonelab will be cross buy. but what does that even mean?

What Is Cross-Buy on Bonelab?

Cross-buy is an option that Oculus first introduced back in 2021. Cross-buy means that players who purchase a cross-buy enabled game or app from the Oculus store can enjoy playing both the PC-supported and standalone version of the game, without having to buy both.

PCVR runs on a different system to that of the Quest 2. So developers have to design very differently, depending upon which platform they want the game to be played on.

A game that's supported by a PC can benefit from the enhanced processing power of a PC, in comparison to the in-built specifications on the Quest 2. This means that PC-supported VR games will often have higher requirements for things such as memory.

Some players will, of course, want to play a game on Quest 2, but at other times may prefer to experience the PC-version of the game instead. Cross-buy means that when you buy one version, you can also access the other version.

Now you know what cross-buy is, and you also know that Bonelab supports cross-buy.

What Is Bonelab?

If you've never heard of the game, you may be wondering what Bonelab is. Well, what it is not, is a place of science where people regrow collagen and calcium phosphate-based structures.

Bonelab is an experimental physics VR game, in which you are an outcast who has been sentenced to death. You embark on a journey to discover a research facility, completing a series of objectives to progress through the story.

Bonelab is developed by the same company as the hugely popular Boneworks. But whereas Boneworks was not built with the Quest 2 in mind, Bonelab definitely is. We have a more detailed comparison of Bonelab vs Boneworks, if you want to know all the differences between the two games.

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