Bonelab Quest 2 Vs PC VR Performance: Which Is Better?

Bonelab Quest 2 Vs PC VR Performance: Which Is Better?
Credit: Steam

Bonelab Quest 2 Vs PC VR Performance: Which Is Better?
Credit: Steam

If you are looking for a Bonelab Quest 2 Vs PC VR performance comparison, we have it right here.

Bonelab is available on PC VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and Valve Index, and the standalone headset Oculus (Meta) Quest 2. It is the first Stress Level Zero game to be released for a mobile VR platform.

So, we thought it would be interesting to see how Bonelab performs on mobile VR in comparison to PC VR. Let's jump right into it!

Bonelab Quest 2 Vs PC VR Performance

When it comes to performance, it is obvious that PCs reign supreme as they are equipped with powerful hardware. So, Bonelab on PC VR is obviously going to be a lot better than Bonelab on mobile VR. However, Quest 2 isn't far behind.

Bonelab demands a minimum of 8 GB of system RAM and 6GB of VRAM to run. With only 6 GB of RAM and a less powerful GPU, Quest 2 nevertheless delivers an enjoyable gaming experience that you wouldn't even be conscious that you are playing on a standalone VR, as per a player who has already tried the game.

Brandon J Laatsch, the founder of Stress Level Zero, tweeted that he was able to run the game at 90Hz natively on Quest 2, which is pretty impressive. All credit to the folks at SLZ who have done an amazing job at optimizing the game for Quest 2.

It is worth mentioning that the physics engine of Bonelab is the same in PC VR and Quest 2 - no compromise there. As a Twitter user said, the fact that Bonelab runs on Quest 2 with all its physics, enemies and visuals is pure witchcraft.

Bonelab Quest 2 Vs PC VR Visuals

Bonelab Quest 2 Vs PC VR Performance: Which Is Better?
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Credit: UploadVR

The visual department is one area where Quest 2 falls short.

Lighting, shadows and details are not that great, which is expected. You may also experience framerate drops, especially when you are moving. It's not too bad, though. That said, Bonelab on Quest 2 isn’t cut down over the PC version when it comes to gameplay.

For example, there is no cap for spawn guns on native Quest as confirmed by Brandon. And you will always have the option to connect the Quest 2 to your PC and play the game using its power since Bonelab has cross-buy.

Ultimately, as you'd expect, the PCVR version of the game does offer slightly higher performance in terms of graphics and performance. Which realistically, is exactly what you would expect. But the Quest 2 version of the game is the same in terms of gameplay, which is arguably the most important thing.

And when you are ready, you can start exploring some of the best Bonelab mods, many of which are compatible with both PC and Quest versions.

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