Best MultiVersus Controller Settings

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Best MultiVersus Controller Settings

If you are interested in learning how to set up the best MultiVersus controller settings, let's take a look.

MultiVersus is a platform fighter game that involves constant movement and action. You must dodge the incoming attacks as well as perform special moves in order to win. In a fast-paced game like MultiVersus, having the right controller settings can be a real game changer.


So, what are these best MultiVersus controller settings to help you play the game better? Let’s find out!

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Best MultiVersus Controller Settings

While most default controls are easy to use, there are some that you might want to adjust.

The first thing you should change is the way you input attacks. Use the right stick to input the attack. This way you will be able to input and attack regardless of what direction your character is moving.


The next thing you should change is the neutral attack button. It is better to have its own button. Set this button to whatever you find most comfortable; we recommend going for one of the bumpers.

If you have ever had a problem where you are trying to use your neutral special and you throw it the wrong way, having a dedicated neutral attack button will solve the issue. In addition, it makes it infinitely easy to do neutral special while walking forward.

Best MultiVersus Controller Settings For Xbox

If you are using an Xbox controller, one recommended controller setting for Multiverse is the following:

Action Input
Neutral Attack RB
Neutral SpecialLB
Right StickAttacks

Best MultiVersus Controller Settings For PS4 And PS5

If you are using a PS4 or PS5 controller, the best MultiVersus controller settings are the following:

Action Input
SpecialCircle and Triangle
Neutral Attack R1
Neutral SpecialR2
Right StickAttacks

With these MultiVersus controller settings, you can easily do aerials and combos. Of course, you can map the controls to the keybinds of your choice, in case you aren't comfortable with some of these settings.

Now that you have set up the best MultiVersus controller settings, have a look at the best MultiVersus mods.