Ghost Of Tsushima difficulty settings explained: Patch notes add two more options, but which one is best for your gameplay style?

Ghost Of Tsushima is out now! But if you're staring at the difficulty options and wondering which one to go for, we've got all the info you need right here.

There were originally three main difficulty options to choose from, but a recent patch added a new 'Lethal' option to the mix!

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Keep reading and we'll help you decide which Ghost Of Tsushima difficulty settings are best for your style of play...

Which difficulty setting to chose in Ghost Of Tsushima?

When the game first launched, these were the three main difficulty options in Ghost Of Tsushima...

Easy: Parrying is more forgiving and enemies are toned down a little, making this option ideal for more laid-back gamers that don't want a massive challenge.

Medium: A more moderate option, with enemies and parrying slightly more demanding than they are in Easy mode.

Hard: Parrying windows are very tight, and enemies will really come at you. This was originally the hardest way to play the game, until a new option was added...

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Ghost Of Tsushima Patch Notes add Lethal difficulty level

The 'Lethal' difficulty was added into the game during a post-launch patch, and the team behind Ghost Of Tsushima have described it like so...

  • Enemy weapons are more deadly, but Jin’s katana is also more deadly
  • Enemies are more aggressive in combat
  • Enemies detect you faster
  • Tighter Parry and Dodge windows

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If Easy is still too hard, try Lower Intensity Combat

If co-ordination isn't your strongest suit and you're finding that timed moves during combat are hindering your enjoyment of Ghost Of Tsushima, fear not!

Found in the accessibility menu, a new mode called 'Lower Intensity Combat' is ideal for gamers that want just a little bit less challenge during the combat.

The patch notes describe this option like so: "Lower intensity mode is meant to maintain the heart and feel of Ghost of Tsushima combat while relaxing several timing-specific elements. Combat is less intense, giving you more time to react. Stealth settings are more forgiving, and enemies take longer to detect you."

And here's some in-depth details on what to expect from Lower Intensity Combat...

  • Most enemy attacks which are normally unblockable become blockable when Lower Intensity is enabled. Blocking with L1 will keep you safe from more attacks than standard combat, though some attacks must still be dodged.
  • Enemies break off their attack combos after damaging you, giving you a chance to recover before the next wave of attacks. In addition, your heavy attacks will interrupt attacks from Brutes, giving you another way to stop their combos.
  • Enemies will not attack you while you’re using Resolve to heal
  • Enemy awareness builds more slowly, giving you more time to recover after being spotted

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Does Ghost Of Tsushima have difficulty trophies? Is there a Hard trophy?

If you're a trophy-hunting gamer that isn't playing Ghost Of Tsushima on Hard mode, fear not! The game does not currently have any trophies associated with difficulty, so you could play the whole game on Easy and still get that satisfying Platinum trophy!

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