AOT VR: Is there an Attack On Titan Virtual Reality game?

Fans of anime and manga have had a bunch of games to play over the year, but they're generally a mixed bag despite how good the inspiration for them are.

Well, one IP that has had a couple of semi-successful games is Attack on Titans, an anime which has human being getting eaten alive by big naked people with stupid faces.

It's a wildly popular series, and it's no real surprise then, that there is a VR game of it around.

Here's everything you need to know about Attack on Titan VR.

What is the Attack on Titan VR game?

While there are a few unlicensed version of an Attack on Titan VR game, we're just talking about the official one here.

This version is based on a very specific part of the manga which has a bunch of fan favourite characters horse-riding away from a titan and dodging trees and whatnot.

It doesn't appear to be a full game as of yet, more of a general experience. In fact, it was only available at Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo for a week back in 2018.

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When can you play the Attack on Titan VR game?

So, that means that at present you can't actually play an Attack on Titan VR game, at least not an official one.

There are plenty of unofficial ones floating around if you're willing to have a search around and occasionally mess around with your VR headset.

If the main thing you're after is the movement though, then the Windlands series features some of the most incredible and stomach-churning movement around, and it feels a lot like you'd expect AOT to feel if done in VR.

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