AMD Big Navi price: How much will the RDNA 2 graphics card cost?

AMD's latest graphic card, known as Big Navi, is set to launch this year as AMD's product to rival the NVIDA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, rumoured to be revealed on September 1.

The launch of Big Navi is great news for PC gamers, jealous of the RDNA 2 architecture seen in both the PS5 and Xbox Series X's GPU.

As with any high-end AMD product, Big Navi is likely to be pretty expensive when it launches. Here's everything we know about the price of Big Navi, as well as our predictions.

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How much will Big Navi cost? Big Navi price predictions

AMD has revealed very little about Big Navi as of now, meaning all reports on pricing are predictions based on the current trends in high-end graphics card prices.

The AMD Radeon VII is one of AMD's flagship graphics cards, having released in 2019 with a $700 price tag. Given Big Navi is expected to blow Radeon VII out of the water with its impressive specs, we're certain it will cost at least $700.

However, as Big Navi is set to compete with NVIDIA's high-end graphics card, AMD will likely target a lower price point that the 3080 Ti so they can market Big Navi as the more affordable option.

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When will AMD reveal the price of Big Navi?

AMD likely had plans to reveal their upcoming graphics card around the E3 season, but as the Covid-19 led to its cancellation, we can expect the company to hold their own digital event later in the year.

As we expect AMD to wait until the 3080 Ti's pricing is revealed, perhaps at NVIDIA's September event, this event could take place shortly after, towards the end of September.

The lack of information on the pricing or release date of Big Navi may also be due to its relationship with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. As both these next-gen consoles use AMD's RDNA 2 technology, AMD may be contracted to wait until after the announcements for the pricing and release dates of these consoles.

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