When will the PS5 and Xbox Series X graphics cards be available for PC gamers?

While current-gen console graphics cards are fairly outdated compared to current PC components from AMD and Intel, the custom graphics cards for both the Xbox Series X and PS5 look likely to change that.

Both next-gen consoles boast some pretty impressive specs that will see them capable of running games in 4K with real-time ray tracing and, hopefully at 60FPS.

If you're in the market for a new graphics card capable of running next-gen games, here's what we know about if the PS5 and Xbox graphics cards will be made available for purchase.

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What graphics cards do the PS5 and Xbox Series X use?

Both the Series X and PS5 use custom AMD graphics cards that utilise RDNA 2 technology, which is not yet available in any graphics cards on the market. The PS5's GPU has a peak performance of 10.28TFLOPS compared to the 12TFLOP GPU used in the Xbox Series X. Both also utilise 16GB of VRAM in memory.

On paper, the Series X's GPU offers the most in terms of raw power, but given some of the intelligent design technology and impressive SSD, the PS5 is by no means inferior.

What is clear is that both next-gen graphics cards offer a significant upgrade on current-gen graphics. Not only that, but they will potentially trump any NVIDIA or AMD GPU's currently on the market. Given the two consoles are expected to be on the market for under $500, the graphics card inside the console is one of the most affordable high-end products we've seen.

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Will the PS5 or Xbox Series X graphics card be available on PC?

In terms of the actual graphics cards, no.

Both graphics cards are finely tuned for console gaming on their respective system, and so it's highly unlikely an exact copy of the graphics cards will ever be available for PC gaming.

Instead, if PC gamers want to replicate next-gen graphics, AMDs rumoured Big Navi GPU is the best option. Big Navi, known also as the 'NVIDIA killer', is rumoured to be AMD's next big product after the release of the AMD VII. The GPU allegedly will utilise the same RDNA 2 technology seen in the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles.

Reports put the GPU as having 72CUs, translating into 4,608 stream processors. The same 'leaks' suggest that Big Navi could have a clock speed of 2,510MHz, utilising 16GB of VRAM to outperform the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti by up to 50%.

So when will Big Navi release? AMD’s CFO, Devinder Kumar, stated that the next RDNA 2 graphics card is scheduled to launch in “late 2020”, around the same period that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are slated for release.

If you're wondering why AMD hasn't officially revealed the rumoured graphics card yet, rumours suggest that due to various dealings with Xbox and PlayStation, they are holding off on a reveal event and release date until the two next-gen consoles announce their release dates.

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