Alvo PSVR shooter game: Watch 8 minutes of fast-paced gameplay footage

If you've got a VR headset then you'll need no convincing when it comes to talking about how good FPS games can feel when you're completely immersed in them.

It's a lot of fun to play them and see the different ways in which your body and your controls can impact the world, and it feels a lot freer than many console or normal PC game.

With more and more developers trying out VR as a way to make games now, we're seeing even more excellent games come to the various platforms.

This time around we're talking about one called ALVO VR.

What is ALVO VR?

According to the official website, "ALVO is 5v5 online shooter developed for PSVR and Oculus. It features three game modes: Free4All, Search and Destroy, and Team DeathMatch. Customize your guns, gear and character with a variety of unique skins and equipment."

It seems to be far more heavily inspired by the likes of Counter-Strike than something like Call of Duty.

This is good news for people who want a more intense FPS experience in VR, and it coming to both PSVR and Oculus means lots of players with headsets will have a chance to check it out.

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Have a look at this incredible gameplay

If that sounds good to you then you'll likely want to see it in action.

Well, thanks to the excellent people over at Upload VR, there's a whole 8 minutes of gameplay up on YouTube:

As you can see, the gameplay looks incredibly fast-paced, and it'll definitely scratch an itch for a lot of players.

As an aside, if you love VR games but aren't already following Upload VR, you should really sort that out. They do a lot of work and all of it focuses on the world of VR.

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