Fortnite: How to download Chapter 2 Season 6 update fast

Fortnite is massive. That's not exactly a revelation, you can't go anywhere digitally or otherwise without coming into contact with the battle royale game.

It's popular for a lot of reasons, but that's not what we're here to discuss. We're here because there's a chance that you've seen the game but you're not sure how to download Fortnite.

So, if you want to download Fortnite, or more specifically the new Chapter 2 Season 6 update, here's what you need to do...

How to download Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch console

Fortnite is available on nearly everything, and consoles make it nice and easy because you can just go to the digital stores and search for it.

So if you want to get Fortnite on PS4 or Xbox One, or even Nintendo Switch, just head to the store on your console and search for 'Fortnite' today!

There's no physical product that you need to buy - just search for the game on the digital store within your console, and you'll be dropping into a battle royale match in no time.

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How to download Fortnite on PC

Fortnite is owned by Epic Games. So, to install Fortnite on PC, you first need to install the Epic Games Store onto your PC.

To do this, just head to the website and download the version you need, so either Windows or Mac. Then, use the installer file and you'll install the Epic Games Store.

All you need to do know is to open up the app and search for Fortnite, then install it. The game is free so you won't have to pay a thing. Better yet, the Epic Games Store regularly gives away free games too, so you should keep an eye out for those.

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How to download Fortnite on mobile

Thankfully this is even easier than it is on PC. For both Android and iPhone phones, you just need to head to the site and select the appropriate option.

Of course, if that's simply too much effort than you can always head to the Play Store on Android and search for Fortnite before installing it.

On iPhone you need to go to the App Store and search for Fortnite. Easy.

That's all you need to know about how to download Fortnite, it'll automatically download the latest version too, which is nice.

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