Fortnite Server Status: How to Check Server Status in Chapter 3 Season 1

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is already with us. It's inevitable that fairly soon after a new update drops, servers will go down for a short period. This may be to fix some issues, or if player numbers overwhelmed the servers. If this happens, you might want to check whether the problems are on Epic's end, or if it's your own internet. Read on to see how you can check the Fortnite server status if you're experiencing issues connecting.

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How to Check Fortnite's Official Server Status

The best and most official way to check the Fortnite server status is to go to

This website has all the information you will need about Fortnite's servers. It will tell you if they are operational or undergoing maintenance. It may also offer an indication of how long any work may take before normal service is resumed. You can also follow the official Twitter feed @FortniteGame, which will provide updates as well.

The Epic Games status page also gives a detailed breakdown about other sections of Fortnite and whether they are working. These include: Voice Chat, Login, the Item Shop, Stats and Leaderboard, Matchmaking, and Parties.

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Aside from this, the website has a history of Past Incidents with Fortnite, offering a history of both scheduled downtime and issues that needed resolving.

How to check Fortnite's server status in real-time

Sometimes, Epic can be fairly slow to react to server or matchmaking issues. So occasionally, the website is not updated immediately.

If you are wondering whether the connection issues are down to server problems or your own internet, checking DownDetector'sFortnite page can give you a real-time indication of whether other people are experiencing issues over the last 24 hours.

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However, DownDetector does not provide an official status on Fortnite's servers. Assuming there are problems with the servers, you'll need to keep checking to see when these are resolved. Only then, can you resume your Fortnite fun.

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