New comic makes Batman and Catwoman official Pro Fortnite Gamers

DC Comics' latest crossover event puts iconic comic book characters in the deadly world of Fortnite. Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1 sees the Caped Crusader transported to Fortnite Island to become a true Pro Gamer.

Squadding up with Catwoman, Batman has to face off against Fortnite's colourful cast of characters. However, the crime fighter of Gotham has no idea where he is or even who he is! What a predicament!

Batman got a Victory Royale

In the first issue of this crossover comic book, Batman gets pushed into s mysterious portal that's opened in Gotham. Just like Marvel's Fortnite crossover, this takes the Dark Knight into the world of the battle royale game. Of course, it also follows the events of the current Fortnite season with iconic characters entering the world via rifts.

Upon entering the world of Fortnite, the comic book character can’t speak – just like in the game. While taking on characters from the free-to-play video game, the Caped Crusader teams up with a similarly non-verbal Catwoman.

The two eventually take out the remaining foes and manage to claim a Victory Royale together. However, this doesn't stop Fortnite's unstoppable storm from taking them out at the end! Despite taking the win this round, they'll still have to fight again.

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How many issues does this comic have?

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point is a six-issue comic book series. While this first issue focuses on the title character and Catwoman, other members of the Batfamily could potentially pop up in future issues. At the moment, only one issue has been released. That means there are five more left!

Each issue of the comic book also comes with free digital rewards for the Fortnite video game. However, these rewards are only available for US paid subscribers to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE. Thankfully, these rewards are also available to buy in Fortnite so people don't miss out.

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