Zoe Kravitz' Catwoman details revealed in leaked The Batman promo video

Matt Reeves’ The Batman will see the Caped Crusader tackle many iconic foes in the upcoming DC movie. While not much is known about the film’s rogue’s gallery of villains, we do know that Selena Kyle/Catwoman will be a key player in the story.

In a new leak, we have a new look at The Batman's version of Catwoman. While not a huge info dump, the leaked video reveals some never-before-seen details of the character.

The Batman Catwoman leak

Originally meant to be an iTunes promo for The Batman, this new video leak reveals some key details for Reeves' new movie. Most importantly, the video focuses entirely on Selena Kyle. Played by Zoe Kravitz, this interpretation of Catwoman will see the character in the early stages of her criminal journey. Much like the film's Batman, the character will be learning her trade in a violent Gotham.

“The villains are often, you know, some of the most, if not the most exciting part of the movies,” says director Matt Reeves. “I mean the Rogues Gallery is incredible. And what I wanted to do was I wanted to see a Batman that was not an origin tale, but was sort of early days. That meant that a lot of the characters who are the rogue's gallery are in their origins in a way. And so, we have a Selina Kyle who's not yet Catwoman”

The leaked video also gives actress Zoe Kravitz’ thoughts on the movie’s version of Batman’s iconic femme fatale. From Kravitz' description, Selena Kyle will act as a vigilante in a similar manner as Batman. Despite being a burglar, the character will be fighting for the disadvantaged.

“Selena can take care of herself,” actress Zoe Kravitz continues. “She's incredibly tough, she really wants to fight for those who don't have someone else to fight for them. And I think that is where Batman is she really connect.”

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