The Batman trailer has received an awesome animated overhaul

Matt Reeves’ upcoming adaptation of DC's fantastic Year One comic book, The Batman, isn't releasing until next year. The new adaptation of Gotham's Dark Knight has only just wrapped filming, but last year's stunning trailer is still fresh in our minds.

One devout fan of the upcoming movie must have the trailer trapped in their brain. After seven months, this fan has completed a full animated remake of The Batman trailer for YouTube, and it’s glorious.

The Batman Trailer Animated Remake

Created by YouTuber TheArt91Lee, this animated remake of the awesome movie trailer is glorious. Depicted in a gritty comic style, the entire video looks like the world’s coolest motion comic. Lee has remade the entire two-and-a-half-minute trailer, including studio logos.

Every frame of the animated trailer is flawless. While there's a lot less fluid movement than a live action movie, every action comes across cleanly. Even Batman's vicious takedown of a thug is recreated with similarly brutal execution.

Watch the trailer below:

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What's next for this DC movie?

The Batman is currently scheduled for a March 22 release date. There's almost a year of post-production and marketing to come for the upcoming vigilante thriller, but it's not too far away. After the first movie, Warner Bros plans for two sequels as well as a HBO Max TV show.

However, while fans are pretty happy with the look of this new movie, they are starting to campaign for the return of Batfleck. Following the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, fans are clamouring to Restore the SnyderVerse.

One of the most exciting projects from the DCEU was the promise of a Ben Affleck Batman movie also titled The Batman. Affleck's movie would've been a prequel to Batman v Superman that focused on an earlier period in the Caped Crusader’s life. Deathstroke, who appears at the end of Justice League, was set to be the primary villain of the movie.

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