Tone-deaf Warner Bros releases 4K Josstice League trailer as fans campaign for SnyderVerse

Warner Bros really wants you to know it doesn't care for the SnyderVerse. Following the start of fan campaigns to restore Snyder's full vision, the company has released a new Justice League trailer. However, the trailer isn't for the movie fans like, but instead the theatrical cut now referred to as Josstice League.

Not only have fans declared that this promotion of Josstice League is one-deaf, but also problematic. With the abuse cast and crew received from director Joss Whedon common knowledge, it shows WB standing for abusers.

Warner Bros stands for Josstice League

As fans campaign for Warner Bros to RestoreTheSnyderVerse, the studio is making it clear that they are firmly against it. In response, the studio has released a new 4K trailer for the theatrical cut of Justice League. Not only are fans obviously annoyed at the studio promoting the worse film, but also at how the studio is standing behind abusers like Joss Whedon.

What makes things worse is that this new trailer is not all from the theatrical cut of Justice League. In fact, the trailer includes multiple shots from Zack Snyder’s version of the movie. These shots were not a part of the theatrical cut, commonly referred to as Josstice League. It’s quite noticeable; this new trailer doesn't have a creepy mannequin Henry Cavill mouth.

At the time of writing, the trailer has 20,000 dislikes on YouTube. The dislikes make up over 12% views; 0.8% of viewers liked the trailer. The comments section is flooded with fans slating WB for slapping fans in the face with the studio support on the worse cut.

On Twitter, fans have also expressed disdain for Warner Bros. One user called the studio “the most unaware, tone deaf, head in the sand, ass in the air, ludicrously idiotic, hilariously out of touch movie studio on the planet”. Others highlight WB refusing to promote the Snyder Cut while giving a full trailer “directed by a gaslighting abuser they just kicked out”.

Warner Bros hates the SnyderVerse

Warner Bros is allegedly killing all mention of the SnyderVerse for future projects. Known leaker Grace Randolph revealed that the studio higher-ups are taking the release of the Snyder Cut personally. If anything proves that, this new trailer does.

While The Rock is allegedly fighting to have SnyderVerse characters involved in Black Adam, that's not WB's decision. Instead, the movie’s backing by AT&T for HBO Max will decide whether or not The Rock gets his wish.

Instead, Warner Bros wants a clean slate. Robert Pattinson as Batman is just one part of this. However, the studio is reportedly planning a Superman reboot, a DC multiverse film and more. It’s obvious that WB is attempting to move on, even if they were behind most of the SnyderVerse's problems.

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