Suicide Squad star Cara Delevingne has a “vagina tunnel" in her weird house

The person behind the phrase “money doesn't buy happiness” has obviously never seen a rich person's house. It's common knowledge that, upon a certain point, more expensive houses are moreso feature houses than actual homes. When it comes to the home of actress Cara Delevingne, there's a feature that stands far above the rest.

Cara Delevingne requested a vagina tunnel

In a video for Architectural Digest, Cara Delevingne revealed a lot about her house. For starters, it's massive. Secondly, it has hard floors that she scooters across to not hurt her feet. Thirdly, it has a secret vagina tunnel that she likes to sit in.

The Suicide Squad actress nonchalantly revealed the vagina tunnel just a few minutes into the video. Delevingne explains that she pitched the idea to her architect Nicoló Bini who graciously installed the weird exhibit into the building.

The bizarre tunnel is hidden inside a cabinet in the house. Inside the tunnel, there's a cutout plush vagina complete with a massive ball to resemble the clitoris. We're really not joking. It's there, it's all there.

The actress said:

“I was very lucky to work with my architect Nicoló Bini, who I worked with on the last house. He made all of my mad, crazy ideas which,  you know, some things I thought he would say, ‘We can't do that.’ Or ‘That sounds crazy’. But he made all of that come to life. I’d say if I was Alice in Wonderland, he'd be the Mad Hatter.”
“I think I called him up one day and asked for this and he genuinely made this happen. So, this is my vagina tunnel. I come in here to think, I come in here to create. I feel inspired in the vagina tunnel.”
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There it is.

There are other weird things

While the vagina tunnel is obviously the star of the show, there's a collection of other weird things in the house.

For example, Delevingne has a shrine to deceased musician David Bowie. There's a massive ball pit – fair enough. Finally, there are decorative vagina flowers... because of course there are.  

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