Zack Snyder shares explicit Batman/Catwoman image to prove he's a real hero

The past week has seen comic book fans fighting back against DC in one of comic's sexiest controversies. For the third season of Harley Quinn, DC blocked the inclusion of a scene where Batman was investigating between Catwoman's legs... with this mouth.

DC's reasoning behind the removal of this scene is that “heroes don't do that". That one quote made social media erupt as some fans mocked DC and others explaining that they perform oral on their partners. As the dust settled amid the vitriol, DCEU director Zack Snyder popped up to give his word on the matter. A thousand words.  It was a picture.

Zack Snyder wants you all to know Batman eats out

This morning, Zack Snyder took to Twitter to weigh in on the controversy surrounding Batman's sex life. While some comic and movie creators proudly explained earlier this week that Batman would indeed lovingly perform cunnilingus on a partner, Snyder went one step forward.

As life in America was winding down and the Brits started to wake, Snyder graced his followers with an image. A custom image. The picture shows Batman between Catwoman's legs in a way that can only be described as going to town.

The only uncomfortable aspect of the image is that Batman and Catwoman are engaging in the activity on someone's roof. In the background there are plenty of buildings that are erected (calm down) above the lewd act. There is no way that someone isn't seeing what's going on.

Fan reactions to the image

After Zack Snyder posted the image on Twitter, fans immediately congratulated the director. One user replied,  “If you make this happen, I will fully get behind restoring the SnyderVerse". Of course, the post resulted in a large collection of memes of Snyder sticking it to Warner Bros.

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