Smallville's Tom Welling was going to return in Arrow before Crisis on Infinite Earths

The CW's Arrowverse has been no stranger to crossovers. Grant Gustin's Flash has met multiple times with prior speedster actors. Past superhero actors often find their way into the Multiverse-spanning series. However, the CW was meant to have a high-profile return of their biggest success: Tom Welling.

As the actor behind their hugely influential Smallville, Tom Welling was the face of Superman for millions. The actor was set to return to the CW as part of Arrow, but that appearance was scrapped in favour of other plans.

Tom Welling was supposed to star in Arrow

Revealed in a YouTube interview with El mundo geek de Ernestoneitor, Welling was planning on appearing in Arrow. Welling doesn't reveal if he was going to be the Man on Steel from Smallville, but he was going to be a part of the show.

Unfortunately, the was axed. With the actor needed for Clark Kent in Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Welling-Arrow storylines were removed. However, at least fans got to see the actor back on the Kent farm in the Arrowverse's ambitious crossover.

"Stephen [Amell] is a friend of mine," Welling told the YouTuber. "We actually had an idea, but then the Crisis thing was a bigger idea and it took it away from that. He had an idea of me doing an arc on Arrow."

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Will we see this Superman again?

Tom Welling has expressed an interest in returning to the role of Superman in the future. However, it's unlikely that the actor will be the same Superman as in Smallville. Welling has said that he would love to be Superman for Robert Pattinson's Batman. Warner Bros isn't revealing if this version of Batman has a Superman counterpart.

Fans are still clamouring for a Smallville reunion. However, due to recent events, it's not clear how possible that would be. With Alison Mack, the actor behind Chloe Sullivan, awaiting sentencing for her involvement in the NXIVM sex cult, she likely won't return. As such a prominent character is unable to return, would it really be a reunion?

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