Smallville Superman Tom Welling wants to return to the role in The Batman

Smallville was not only the catalyst of the CW's massive run of superhero TV, but also to the evolution of Superman. Without a doubt, the success of the Tom Welling Superman show introduced an entire generation to the Man on Steel.

With that said, fans have often clamoured for Tom Welling to return as Superman. We almost got that with the actor's small cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but could the actor finally don the suit?

Tom Welling wants to be The Batman's Superman

In an interview with El mundo geek de Ernestoneitor, Welling explained that he's open to returning. The actor didn't say if he would be willing to wear the iconic Superman suit, but he did express an interest in being Superman.

“I think that would be cool," Tom Welling said. "My buddy Rob Pattinson, he is going to be the new Batman. I would would be fun to be the Superman that shows up in his movie, just because he is a friend of mine. Yeah, who knows."
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There's no knowing if DC have plans for Robert Pattinson's Batman to engage with other heroes. For the first movie, it seems that they're going for a grounded origin story. However, an expanded universe would be good to see. After all, a Superman probably exists within the universe; could that be Welling's Superman?

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Chances in the DCEU

There might be other chances for Tom Welling to return as Superman for DC movies. For starters, The Flash will be dealing with some multiverse shenanigans. If Michael Keaton can return as Batman, a small Welling Superman cameo would be fantastic. However, that film is already shooting in London so that likely won't happen.

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