Margot Robbie is fighting to see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's relationship on screen

DC's lovable villain Harley Quinn is often portrayed as the girlfriend of The Joker. Even in the DCEU, the character is tightly around Joker to the point where her solo movie is all about cutting that tie. One question remains: where the hell is Poison Ivy?

Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie has now revealed that she has been fighting for Poison Ivy to come to the DCEU. As Quinn's hands-down best romantic interest, Ivy's inclusion should be a shoe-in.

Margot Robbie wants a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy relationship

In an interview with Den of Geek, Robbie explained that she’s been fighting for a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy relationship for years.

“Trust me, I chew their ear off about it all the time,” Robbie told them. “They must be sick of hearing it, but I’m like, ‘Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy. Come on, let’s do it.’ I’m very keen to see a Harley-Poison Ivy relationship on screen. It’d be so fun. So I’ll keep pestering them. Don’t worry.”

Robbie has previously been vocal about her desire to explore the two character’s relationship on screen. In a prior interview with PrideSource, Robbie explained that she’s been trying to get the two characters together on film.

“If you read the comics you know that Poison Ivy and Harley have an intimate relationship,” Robbie says. “In some comics they convey it as a friendship; in other comics you can see that they’re actually sexually involved as a couple. I’ve been trying to—I would love to have Poison Ivy thrown into the universe, because the Harley and Poison Ivy relationship is one of my favorite aspects of the comics, so I’m looking to explore that on screen.”

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When could we see these two together?

The next appearance of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn will occur in the upcoming The Suicide Squad movie. While it's not confirmed that she'll survive the journey, Warner Bros likely won't be willing to kill off one of their most beloved characters.

Afterwards, there's a possibility we could see a sequel to one of the best DCEU movies: Birds of Prey. While profits were slim for the first film, a second film with the introduction of Poison Ivy could indeed bring in more viewers.

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