Arrowverse and DCEU could be more intertwined at Warner Bros’ request

The CW's Arrowverse and Warner Bros’ DCEU have mixed once before. In last year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event, Ezra Miller's Flash met up with Grant Gustin's version of the character. It was an exciting scene for fans, but could they crossover again?

Reportedly, Warner Bros is looking to have these crossovers happen more often. With the massive viewing figures of the CW shows, the studio is allegedly looking to entice those fans to the cinema screen.

Warner Bros wants Arrowverse and DCEU crossovers

Known WB leaker Daniel Richtman has revealed that Warner Bros is currently looking to bring the DCEU and Arrowverse together. Reportedly, the upcoming events of Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie will have the two universes interact for the first time in a theatrical movie.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, the upcoming movie is confirmed to take The Flash on a multiverse adventure. In the Arrowverse, Grant Gustin’s version of the character met Ezra Miller's for a brief scene. Could we see a repeat of this scene in the new movie?

Warner Bros is being quite secretive about the plans of their DC movies, especially those with SnyderVerse connections. The Flash is a title that's gone through many directors and phases; originally the film was going to be titled Flashpoint.

What characters could appear in the DCEU?

The multiverse adventures of The Flash leads to infinite possibilities. Essentially, any and all DC characters could appear in the movie. However, Warner Bros will likely only be picking the most popular Arrowverse characters to appear.

With that said, The Flash movie could see an appearance from characters such as Supergirl. As Michael Keaton's Batman is returning to cinemas in the movie, anything is possible.

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