League of Legends cinematic universe planned to rival the MCU

Will League of Legends become the next MCU? Riot Games has made plans to expand their beloved MOBA series into the next big cinematic universe!

Aiming to adapt the series' stories for both cinema and TV, League of Legends plans to break out of the video game medium. Following in the footsteps of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise aims to become a household name.

What is the League of Legends cinematic universe?

A recent collection of job listings, via Dexerto, for League of Legends developer Riot Games has revealed that the studio is planning on creating a cinematic universe. Planned to rival Marvel’s superhero series, Riot is looking for “scripted series for the League of Legends cinematic universe, and new franchises.”

Riot is looking for a Global Head of Live Action Film ⁠and a Global Head of Live Action TV. These two will not only work together to create a cohesive universe, but also with the already established animation department.

At the time of writing, Riot is already developing their first animated series based on LoL. Titled Arcane, the series will follow two of the franchise's most iconic characters. While the two adventurers have not been named, evidence points to the inclusion of Jinx – a fan favourite.

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The future of LoL

Riot has a very bold future planned for their highly popular game series. For starters, the company plans to continue supporting both the main League game and its spin-offs. Both the mobile adaptation Wild Rift and the card game Legends of Runeterra will be supported for years to come. The studio will also continue updating their popular First-Person Shooter title: Valorant.

As their main MOBA rival DOTA starts to expand with their upcoming Netflix amine series, it's wise for League to rival that. Whether or not plans for a full Marvel-scale cinematic universe will pan out is uncertain, but it would be interesting to see. After all, with all the mess surrounding the split DCEU and the end of the Monsterverse, Marvel needs a strong rival.

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