Justice League Multiverse movie could allegedly be set up in Abrams' Superman movie

Warner Bros has moved on from the DCEU SnyderVerse, as much as that frustrates fans. Even with the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, plans are reportedly going ahead for different takes on DC's heroes. We already know Robert Pattinson as Batman and a alleged Superman reboot, but the latter will apparently kick off a Justice League multiverse

Reportedly being pitched to alleged Superman reboot director J.J. Abrams, this Justice League multiverse movie will include many DC heroes. Inspired by Grant Morrinson's The Multiversity comic, it'll be a great way to give everyone what they want.

Justice League Multiverse movie

Reported by Geekosity, the Justice League Multiverse movie is reportedly being pitched to J.J. Abrams. If the director agrees to Warner Bros’ plans, the movie will be set up in the Abrams' upcoming Superman reboot. This is suspiciously similar to how WB forced setups for Justice League into Batman v Superman. The studio would do the same by making Justice League be the setup for Aquaman and The Flash.

Allegedly, the movie’s existence rides on Abrams' willingness to direct the title and incorporate it into the upcoming Superman film. If Abrams accepts, it will allegedly include the next generation of DC superheroes. This includes Blue Beetle, Hourman, Zatana and Calvin Ellis' Superman.

With that said, there’s still hope for the SnyderVerse to continue. If all is good, the SnyderVerse could cameo in this multiverse movie! As Black Adam allegedly plans to revive elements of the SnyderVerse – such as Darkseid – there's no reason why we can't see more of those particular heroes.

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When will the movie release?

In all honesty, the movie could never set the light of day. On top of being a far-fetched concept for a studio that recently failed to bring a successful Justice League movie out, it seems like too much too fast. One of the DCEU's issues for some was Warner Bros' unwillingness have a build up Marvel had. Others believe that to be a positive for the DCEU.

Then again, it is definitely possible that DC would want to tackle this multiverse concept. Just like they rushed into a cinematic universe, the studio could wish to capitalise on multiverse movies as Marvel starts doing the same thing. On one hand, DC is already doing this with the upcoming release of The Flash which returns to the world of Michael Keaton's Batman.

Whatever the case, take this rumour with a massive grain of salt.

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