Henry Cavill might not be canon Superman in The Suicide Squad

Warner Bros is currently in the midst of a massive overhaul of their DC Extended Universe. Instead of the already established SnyderVerse, the DCEU is getting split through the middle. On one hand, certain SnyderVerse characters like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash will continue their stories. On the other hand, the established Henry Cavill Superman will be replaced.

Ahead of The Suicide Squad’s release next month, director James Gunn revealed that Superman was almost killed prior to the movie. However, that version of the Man of Steel might not be the Henry Cavill Superman we've come to know.

Henry Cavill Superman might be replaced

In an interview with IGN, Gunn explained that he has no idea what version of Superman exists in his movie. During the interview, Gunn explained that the current version of the DCEU is complicated. In fact, it's so complicated that we're not certain if this movie exists in the typical DCEU.

"So yes, Bloodsport is in prison for uh, putting Superman into the ICU with a kryptonite bullet. Yes, The Suicide Squad is a part of the DCEU, but uh, I don't know which Superman it was because I don't cast the next Superman. So uh, it could be Henry [Cavill], it could be somebody else. It's whoever people decide on other than me."

This isn't proof that Henry Cavill will never play Superman again in the DC Extended Universe. However, seeing as Warner Bros is planning on replacing the actor with a new instance of the character, he likely won't appear again.

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