Superman fan casting puts William Jackson Harper as the perfect Clark Kent

As Warner Bros tries to phase out the SnyderVerse, a new Superman is needed to replace Henry Cavill. With J.J. Abrams allegedly at the helm, the new Man on Steel will reportedly be portrayed by a Black actor for the first time on screen.

Previously, fans had pegged Michael B. Jordan as the obvious choice for the next Superman. However, following Jordan's recent shut down of his involvement in the reboot, fans already have another pick.

William Jackson Harper is the perfect Superman

Yesterday, a viral tweet made the rounds with a perfect fan casting for the next Superman. Posted by Twitter user Tyrantleon, the tweet has The Good Place actor William Jackson Harper as the next Clark Kent. 

In the tweet, which has over 4000 shares, the Twitter user explained that Harper would be a great fit for the next Man of Steel. Even better, the tweet also puts Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito as an imposing Lex Luthor.

Fan reception to the casting is mostly positive. Considering Harper’s surprisingly ripped physique in The Good Place, fans already believe he's capable of the Clark Kent/ Superman transformation. One fan responded that he's okay with the fan casting as long as it doesn't interfere with Harper’s chance to be the perfect Reed Richards for Marvel.

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Would he be able to play Clark Kent?

There's no doubt that William Jackson Harper would be the perfect Clark Kent. However, rumours state that the next on-screen Superman will be Calvin Ellis instead of Kent. It's a shame; Harper's fantastic acting in The Good Place shows he could be the perfect Clark Kent. If only Warner Bros will let him.

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