Ezra Miller still filming The Flash scenes despite legal issues and arrests

Warner Bros’ dedication to releasing The Flash seems to be deeper than we realised. Despite main actor Ezra Miller being involved in numerous controversies — including multiple arrests — the actor has allegedly still been filming scenes for the movie.

Ezra Miller still filming The Flash

Revealed in a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Ezra Miller is still involved with the new movie. While the actor has been involved in a number of controversies, they’ve still been on set to help with the film.

According to the report, Miller has still been filming The Flash over the course of the Summer. After numerous arrests in Hawaii and a restraining order for threatening to “kill and bury” a filming has continued.

The report claims: “Miller participated in regularly scheduled additional photography over the summer, apparently without incident.”

Filming for the film has not continued as of late. Following the actor’s recent charge with burglary, no more filming has occurred. However, there’s no confirmation whether or not filming has finished properly.

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The Flash will still release next year

Warner Bros’ insistence on releasing The Flash is still going strong. Even with massive backlash against the movie — especially following the cancellation of Batgirl — the film is still scheduled for release.

According to the report, The Flash is still scheduled for June, 2023. Originally, the movie was supposed to have launched this summer, but it was delayed prior to Miller’s controversies.

Allegedly, the only reason Warner Bros has yet to can The Flash is due to high test screenings. Alongside a large budget of $200 million, it would appear that the movie is simply too expensive to chuck in the can.

After the release of The Flash, it doesn’t look like Warner Bros will be working with Miller again. Do you want them to?

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