Dakota Johnson reportedly eyed to play live-action Madame Web

Sony's Spider-Man Universe is expanding heavily in the near future. After the success of Venom and its sequel, Sony is working on movies surrounding Morbius, Kraven and even Madame Web. But who will play the mysterious mutant?

Just like Jared Leto as Morbius and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven, Sony is going for a wild pick for their version of Madame Web. Instead of an older, low-profile actress, the studio is going for 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson.

Madame Web is Dakota Johnson

Reported by Deadline, Sony is reportedly eyeing up Dakota Johnson to play a younger version of the multiversal character. Furthermore, the character will be a much different character compared to what fans are used to in comic books and cartoons.

In the comics, Madame Web is portrayed as a blind, elderly woman connected to a web of life. The character never fights on her own. Instead, Spider-People from around the Multiverse — Peter Parker, Cindy Moon, Gwen Stacy, etc — fight for her.

However, one version of Madame Web did used to be one of the wall-crawlers. In one comic storyline, Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter became a version of Web after the original passed away. While Carpenter never fought as Web, Sony looks set to change that.

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Dakota Johnson is a strong choice for a live-action Spider-Woman. The actress has proven to be highly capable of gymnastic set pieces in movies like 2018’s Suspiria, a remake of the 1997 Argento movie of the same name.

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Why not just make a Spider-Woman movie?

With Sony’s insistence of turning the elderly Madame Web into an action star, fans are wondering why the studio doesn't just make a Spider-Woman film. Presumably, it’s because Madame Web is a more well-known name between the two obscure characters.

Additionally, Madame Web’s physic powers allow Sony to turn the character into their own version of Marvel's Doctor Strange. Of course, if successful, Web’s multiverse nature means that Sony will undoubtedly attempt a multiverse film with their own Spider-Man Universe.

This multiverse event would likely have Dakota Johnson’s Web bring in Miles Morales, Cindy Moon, Eddie Brock, Peter Parker and any other Spider-People the studio adapts. With the Spider-Man Universe being as popular as it is, it'll certainly be a money maker.

Of course, this all depends on whether or not fans will accept Dakota Johnson as Madame Web. If the actress is attached to the character, she'll be playing a much different version. It won't be the same, but it could be entertaining.

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