Dakota Johnson confirms involvement in Sony's Madame Web movie

Sony's Spider-Man Universe of movies is attempting to give more obscure Spidey characters a chance in the limelight. Starting with Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom, the universe will continue with Jared Leto as Morbius, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven and, now, Dakota Johnson as Madame Web.

An action-focused Madame Web

Over the past two weeks, more information has released surrounding Sony's Madame Web movie. While many fans believed the movie was a whack choice from the start, fans of the character have become concerned about the adaptation.

For example, Madame Web is an elderly physic mutant connected to a life support machine. The character isn't exactly blockbuster movie material; Madame uses her physic powers to inform other Spider-People of threats and assist them. She's not a brawler.

Sony appears to be going for that non-existent action version of Web. This means that the character will be aged down and will have more traditional fighting prowess. Essentially, Madame Web will become Sony's version of Doctor Strange.

This means that Sony will, once again, be altering characters for the screen. Additionally, it'll be another Spider-Man character who will appear without Spider-Man. While that was a choice with Venom, it’s an even more confusing choice for Madame Web.

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Dakota Johnson confirms her involvement

After reports of Dakota Johnson’s involvement in the upcoming Madame Web made the rounds online, fans were reasonably confused. After all, the character isn't very well known, and they're definitely not known for action-packed set pieces. 

Nevertheless, it would appear that the reports are correct. Following the rumours, Johnson took to Instagram to confirm her involvement in the movie. In a simple post, the actress posted an emoji of a spider web. Simple, but effective.

Johnson’s version of the character will certainly be much different from the Madame Web of old. However, the movie should at least provide some fun Hollywood shlock to entertain moviegoers. Maybe one day we'll see the real Madame Web on screen as well.

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