Bruce Willis refused NASA's request to attend Armageddon-style Asteroid killer launch

In an era where Bruce Willis was still a beloved actor, Michael Bay's Armageddon was a cultural phenomenon. The blockbuster action movie revolves around a group of dudes attempting to blow up an Asteroid hurtling towards Earth.

As life and art are intertwined, NASA aimed to improve upon the movie with their new Asteroid defector rocket. To celebrate the launch of the protective rocket, NASA reportedly invited Bruce Willis to the event. However, the actor wasn't interested.

NASA invited Bruce Willis to attend Asteroid killer rocket launch

According to Washington Post reporter Christian Davenport, NASA invited the actor to the event. Davenport revealed that the agency wanted Willis to attend the launch because of his role in the movie Armageddon.

Much like Blue Origin inviting William Shatner to space, the space agency wanted to make sure that fans of the 1998 film. Unfortunately, for fans, the actor reportedly refused to attend the rocket launch.

Davenport revealed:

“In an interview, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said the agency invited Bruce Willis to the launch of the asteroid redirect mission because of his role in  ‘Armageddon.’ Nelson said he's not going but ‘we didn't want to miss that connection.’

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An unsurprising move

Willis’ disinterest in the rocket launch isn't too surprising for those with knowledge of the actor’s recent career. Modern Bruce Willis movies are usually straight-to-DVD or streaming flicks that only require a few days work for the actor.

Additionally, the actor’s career has even led him to roles where he doesn't even have to work at all. Recently, Willis starred in a Russian advertisement. However, while the actor’s face was present, it was all done through deepfake technology and Russian dubbing. The actor didn't do anything for the advert at all.

While it is disappointing for die hard — pun not intended — fans of Armageddon,  there may be other chances in the future. On the other hand, they could’ve invited other famous faces from the movie such as Ben Affleck instead.

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